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Tatiana and Mist

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Mist on the job

Mist and Rucca working

The dogs of Goose Busters

We are a family owned and operated business, operating in the Charlotte region, the Lake Norman area, Mooresville, the triangle area and Upstate South Carolina including Greenville and Spartanburg. Founded in 1992, Goosebusters and our border collies have been working side by side providing the best goose control in the Carolinas. Our love and dedication for animals is what led us to the goose control business. After hearing about gasing, shooting, and other inhumane and ultimately uneffective ways of dealing with harmful geese/human coexistence, we decided to try another, more effective approach. The canada geese see the border collies as a predator and keep away.

Mist and Rucca

Our Family

Goose Busters 3 for service in the Raleigh Triangle area
Goose Busters serving the south Charlotte area since 92'


“Goose Busters has always done a great job at our site. They have always been courteous and do a great job of keeping us updated. Six years ago, this commercial site had approximately 50 geese living here but currently our site is goose free…thanks to Goose Busters!!!” - Sheri

"Wow, after seven to eight years of trying everything under the sun to control geese, Goose Busters II eliminated my problem immediately. Great customer service!" - Mitch